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So Glad to See You!

We are so excited to have reopened and welcomed many old and new friends at QI SCHOOL.

How did the first week of reopening go? See what our educators have to say:

Miss Tara, Director of Education:

It feels so good to be back! Our first week went well, the children and staff are adjusting quite nicely, everyone was so overjoyed to see each other. Thanks again for all of your patience and understanding. As always if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Miss Tia and Miss Melissa, Infant Classroom 1:

Welcome back to school, we are so happy to be back. We have missed all of the babies. We are going to be working on fun summer activities in the months of July and August such as underwater sea animals and some painting. We’ll also work on language development by pointing to each friend, and naming them. We’ve also welcomed a new friend in our first week back to school. We hope you have a wonderful time at QI!

Miss Michelle and Miss Alicia, Toddler Classroom 1:

Welcome friends to the Toddler 1 classroom. We are so excited to be back at school! This is the first time for most of our friends in a toddler classroom. We will be getting acquainted with our new schedule and routine. The children will be transitioning to and from the playground which will emphasize listening skills and following directions. Each day we will practice our words and sign language to promote language development. We will be doing lots of fun art projects, dancing, and activities to learn our colors, numbers, and shapes. We’d also like to welcome a new friend to Toddler 1. Please reach out with any comments or questions.

Miss Penny and Miss Lizzie, Toddler Classroom 2:

Moving forward I hope everyone is well, Toddler 2 has undergone a transformation, many new friends have joined us from Toddler 1. As a group we will be reinforcing handwashing skills, learning to interact safely with peers again, waiting for turns, and being nice friends. Our self-help skills will be soaring, and learning will take place while playing. You may begin to hear phrases like, “walking feet”, “inside voices”, “use your words”, the phrase “please stop”, and “no thank you” are a few phrases that can replace the word “no”. “Make a choice” is a daily phrase used in the T2 room, choices are great, but we try to keep it between 2. Every day is a new day, it’s always nice to have a restart! Feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you for letting us be friends with your child.

Miss Liz, Preschool Classroom:

Preschool kicked off July with some simple summer fun activities. We will finish out the month by exploring the beach, ocean animals, and camping. In August we will have so much fun exploring our favorite themes. We will visit the circus, the rainforest and we will also dig for dinosaur fossils and explore outer space. Enjoy the summer!

Miss Kristen, Pre-K Classroom:

Happy summer and welcome back Pre-K 1 families! I am so excited to see everyone again. I love the outdoors and being creative with our minds. Weather permitting we will be doing some of our projects, circle times and snack times outside. Our goal is to have an educational and fun summer!

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