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About Us

Opened in 2016, QI [pronounced: chee] SCHOOL is dedicated to providing high-quality care and education for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. We utilize an inquiry-based curriculum that emphasizes social-emotional learning and STEM education. We offer Mandarin immersion opportunities, and our children dive deep into each topic during Weekly Explorations. Our mission is to help each child discover their potential, follow his or her individualized growth path, embrace cultural diversity and build solid foundations for life through providing a safe and enriching environment with highly qualified teachers and a comprehensive curriculum.

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Our Curriculum

We utilized an inquiry-based curriculum to build strong foundations for physical, cognitive and social-emotional, and leadership skills. We nurture and develop children's inquisitive minds through play and many other enriching activities.


Inquiry-Based Curriculum

We encourage children to wonder, to explore things that intrigue them, and to achieve deeper understanding through meaningful interactions with peers and adults.


STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering and math are incorporated in our daily curriculum. Children observe, ask questions, and experiment on a daily basis.

Bilingual Education

We offer daily Mandarin immersion class in all programs. Learning a second language during early years benefits children's cognitive development and executive functioning.


Nature and Art

Nature offers us endless opportunities for learning. Our children study how caterpillars turn into butterflies in real life, make creative arts inspired by fall leaves, and so much more...

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Our Programs

The educational programs at QI SCHOOL were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.

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Infant Program

6 weeks - 15 months

We believe that your child is your most precious gift and as such, we vow to care and educate him or her using best practices at all times. We strive to individualize each child’s experiences and rely on your input to do so through the use of daily communication with our well-trained team. We believe in nurturing your child and developing his/her sense of autonomy in a safe and engaging environment.


Toddler Program

15 months - 2.9 years

We recognize and celebrate your child’s natural curiosities to explore and engage in the world around him or her. As your child becomes more independent, our Toddler Team offers many opportunities to practice skills and to learn new ones. We focus on developing the toddlers' social-emotional and language skills. We also introduce Mandarin as a second language.


Preschool Program 

3 years - 3.9 years

During this period of development, we work on developing children's cognitive, motor, physical, and social-emotional skills. Preschool children continue learning Mandarin as a second language. They have many opportunities to engage in STEM learning, music and movement, dramatic play, and creative arts. Qi School individualizes each child's experience in our Preschool programs.


Pre-K Program

4 years - 5 years

Our goal is to prepare your child for Kindergarten and continued success throughout his or her educational journey. We promote learning through play by providing enriching experiences that build the foundations of leadership, multi-language skills, and reading, as well as all other physical, social, and cognitive domains. Daily enrichment opportunities including music and movement, sports skill-building, science, Mandarin, and more.

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Our daughter was ready to transition from a home based daycare to a more structured environment that could support her learning and development. QI SCHOOL made the decision easy for us. We love that the facility is bright and clean and the staff is extremely welcoming and supportive. During the time that our daughter has been at QI we continue to be impressed with the daily activities she participates in. Each day is filled with a good blend of creative expression, physical activity, outdoor exploration, and structured learning.


QI SCHOOL Parent from Franklin, MA

Admission Information

QI SCHOOL is now open for registration. We hope you will join us. Learn about the enrollment process and program schedule.

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